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  1. Отличная работа, 4uDIK! однако, Хаджиты еще нужно некоторые улучшения, это по умолчанию.
  2. Sounds great! I'll install all files i found here and we will see =)Thanks Dave ;-)
  3. Hmm, i have downloaded the mod from the Japanese site, but i have no idea how it works, i have no problem with the OBSE or anything.I can't start sex with the npcs via conversations. What should i do? All i can do to open windows with 4 new spell.
  4. Thank you for the satisfying answer Dave, can you tell me please where can i download the Lovers With PK versions? Can i get a link? Where will be updates located?
  5. Hi everybody!I have some questions1. Is there an english version exists of the "Lovers" or it is only available in russian?2. It contains own poses or just ones which are in F & L v1.5?3. I can see there is a new pose in the picture posted above, it is already included in the newest version?
  6. Haha, do not be so sure. I love them and i am not a zoophil. Just a roleplayer.
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