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  1. Из патреона Кими Devious Devices 5 - Release date and beta program I got some good news today. The new device code I put in DD5 (see my last posting for details) has passed my testing suite. Device equipping and unequipping seems to work as before (just faster!). I also put the new framework code to the test by playing several DCL missions involving heavy use of DD items for about 5 hours, and did not experience a single problem. The testing involved many device types worn by both player and NPCs, so I have some confidence that the code is on the right path here. The next step will be broader public testing. For this, I will make a beta version of DD5 available in the DD Framework development thread on LL. This will happen in early October, if everything goes according to plan (I got some final touches to apply to DD5 first!). If everything checks out, the final version should be available end of October, but that of course depends on how many quirks testers are going to unearth, and how difficult they are to fix. Particularly since beta testers are going to have different DD mods installed than me (I use only a very small subset of what's available on LL), and I have no way to know how they will react to DD5 until testers tell me. I guess it's no big surprise that DD5 - combining all existing DD mods in one download - will be quite a whopper to download. The archive weighs about 2GB now. Yikes! For that reason, I plan to offer delta patches for the point releases from now on, and make people download the full release only when it's really warranted by the amount and significance of changes. I obviously cannot offer DD5 on LL, for it's way, waaaay over LL's file size limit, so it's probably going to be hosted on MEGA (like DDX has already been for a while). At this point, I do plan to release DCL 9.0 alongside DD5. DCL 9 is more or less ready to go out of the door, but it of course needs DD5 to run. Both DD5 and DCL9 will mandate a new savegame, so I will try to release both updates simultaneously, to keep users from having to start new games all the time. I am not currently decided on whether or not to conduct an official beta testing phase for DCL9. The changes and new features would sure warrant it, but to participate, people would also have to be in the DD5 test, and I am not sure how to coordinate that across different threads without creating a lot of confusion. I will think about it! Гугло первод Devious Devices 5 - Дата выпуска и программа бета-тестирования У меня сегодня хорошие новости. Новый код устройства, который я поместил в DD5 (подробности см. В моей последней публикации), прошел мой набор тестов. Оснащение и снятие оборудования вроде работает как раньше (только быстрее!). Я также проверил новый код фреймворка, сыграв несколько миссий DCL с интенсивным использованием элементов DD в течение примерно 5 часов, и не испытал ни одной проблемы. В тестировании участвовало множество типов устройств, которые носили как игроки, так и неигровые персонажи, поэтому я уверен, что код здесь находится на правильном пути. Следующим шагом станет более широкое публичное тестирование. Для этого я сделаю бета-версию DD5 доступной в ветке разработки DD Framework на LL. Это произойдет в начале октября, если все пойдет по плану (у меня есть последние штрихи, которые нужно сначала применить к DD5!). Если все пройдет успешно, окончательная версия должна быть доступна в конце октября, но это, конечно, зависит от того, сколько причуд собираются выявить тестеры и насколько сложно их исправить. В частности, поскольку у бета-тестеров будут установлены другие моды DD, чем у меня (я использую только очень небольшое подмножество того, что доступно на LL), и у меня нет возможности узнать, как они отреагируют на DD5, пока тестеры не скажут мне. Думаю, неудивительно, что DD5 - объединяющий все существующие моды DD в одну загрузку - будет довольно сложно загрузить. Архив сейчас весит около 2Гб. Ой! По этой причине я планирую с этого момента предлагать дельта-патчи для точечных выпусков и заставлять людей загружать полную версию только тогда, когда это действительно оправдано количеством и значимостью изменений. Я, очевидно, не могу предложить DD5 на LL, потому что это не предел размера файла LL, поэтому он, вероятно, будет размещен на MEGA (например, DDX уже был некоторое время). На данный момент я действительно планирую выпустить DCL 9.0 вместе с DD5. DCL 9 более или менее готов к работе, но, конечно, для работы ему нужен DD5. И DD5, и DCL9 потребуют нового сохранения, поэтому я постараюсь выпускать оба обновления одновременно, чтобы пользователям не приходилось постоянно запускать новые игры. В настоящее время я не решил, проводить ли официальную фазу бета-тестирования DCL9. Изменения и новые функции наверняка потребуют этого, но для участия люди также должны будут пройти тест DD5, и я не уверен, как согласовать это между разными потоками, не создавая большой путаницы. Я подумаю об этом!
  2. Из патреона Кими о DD5 (переводить гугло переводчиком не стал так как каждый это может сделать сам) Announcing Devious Devices 5.0 I have some exciting news today for you all: A new major version of Devious Devices is on the way and since it is going to be a major version, you can expect some great new features. I will start by announcing that DD5 will no longer ship as separate modules. All components of Devious Devices have been merged in one single download, bringing DD5 for Skyrim LE on par with how the SE version and DD for Fallout 4 are already distributed. The reason for this is simple: With the addition of DD Contraptions, the framework now has FOUR core components, resulting in FOUR separate places users had to download stuff from, and FOUR support threads I had to check. It was not only inconvenient for users, but also became more and more unmanageable for me. A Kimy still doesn't scale. Now, people can download everything DD related in one-go and install it in one go as well, and there is one central place to find support and report bugs. "Wait, did you say EVERYTHING DD-related?" Yes, I did. The DD5 All-in-One downloader will also contain both the DD For Him and the Beast Races Refit expansions (as optional but recommended components), adding official support for male characters and beast races to DD. This is not only convenient for users, but should also give these components a bit more deserved exposure. Maybe we will see some male submissive followers, soon? And last, but not least, gag voices for sex scenes also have been integrated, so no 3rd party mods are required for this any longer. If Devious Devices was not the most comprehensive bondage framework for Skyrim (and I believe, any game) before, it is certainly now! And that's only the start of what DD5 will bring to the table. For a long time, DD had a reputation of being an awesome bondage framework, but also for being a bit of a performance hog. Devices were equipped and unequipped reliably, but the code making this happen was slow and didn't scale well, because to work around certain quirks with Skyrim's engine, it iterated through a character's entire inventory upon each and every device operation, which tended to make equipping or unequipping devices a slide-show at times. So I had a look at these core functions and re-implemented them from scratch (based on the one I used for Fallout 4 DD). Let's just say that the difference is noticeable. I would love to run a profiler on the code to get the actual number, but the new code feels at least 5 times faster than the old. And the best thing is that device operations no longer require passing the rendered device and keyword to the API in most cases - which in real life DD use-cases often have to be determined for a given inventory device and are very CPU-expensive to compute. The total performance gain from both effects are absolutely significant, particularly in the many situations when multiple devices are being equipped or unequipped at the same time. Ok, to get that elephant out of the room, the changes caused some regressions. While the new implementation is 99.5% backwards compatible with older DD versions, a few details have changed. This is largely due to Skyrim being a buggy mess. I suppose said buggy mess was the reason why the device code was written the way it was written, because it works around certain engine issues. I just guess back in the days it didn't matter so much that the code was slow, because it was first written for chastity belts and these only (DD has over a dozen different device types these days, so speed is much more a factor now). What the existing system did was guaranteeing consistent equip states for NPCs, which is otherwise broken in Skyrim (NPCs tend not to register equipped gear as actually equipped in the inventory). The new code no longer makes that guarantee, so I had to work around this in several places. As an unwelcome side-effect, certain events (such as OnRemoveDevice() ) are no longer getting reliably fired when a NPC unequips a device. I checked all DD content mods I have in my load order and didn't find a single one actually listening to these events for NPCs, including my own DCL. They do for the player only, which still works reliably. But of course I cannot rule it out that there is a mod out that does it. Another thing that no longer works is the corset code (for the same reason). I solved that by doing what I should have done years ago: I deleted it. It always was problematic because it broke a central DD design paradigm, where each inventory device maps to exactly one rendered device, resulting in a plethora of bugs where corsets were not removed from a character (I wish a had a dollar for every bug report I got related to the corset code!) What happens now is that if a belt is worn, a corset will be worn over it, showing the bottom part of the belt (the corset model is drawn over the belt because it has a higher priority). Which is what you'd expect anyway? There is no clipping otherwise. In hindsight, I wonder which problem the corset code was even trying to solve... Now, for the sake of being open, while I ran quite a number of test scenarios on the new code (with satisfying results) the new implementation has not yet seen large-scale testing. So there is still room for unpleasant surprises, given that what I did to the code was equivalent to performing open-heart surgery. But I am quite confident that any problems people might experience can be fixed or worked around without having to revert to the old implementation. A very similar implementation has been in use for Fallout 4 DD for years, at least (albeit FO4 is not as much of a buggy mess as Skyrim, so there is that) So, what else is new? Did I mention the over hundred new straitjacket variants made by UnevenSteven? Or that quite a few device events now feature sexy moan sounds? Oh, and the manipulate lock feature has been overhauled, so the manipulated flag can now be checked and altered by script. Some people apparently have ideas for some fun with that! Oh, and I saved the best news for last: DD5 is mostly completed. No need to wait for it for years! I might recruit beta testers for it fairly soon! For those of you in North America, I wish you a great Labor Day weekend. For everyone else, have a great regular weekend, and see you in the DD5 beta soon!
  3. Из Patreon Kimy о дальнейшем развитии лута Jun 5, 2020 at 8:11 AM June Update As a small update to my last posting, I just wanted to share some good news with you today. The small update for DCL I was talking about last time, won't be so small after all. Its version number will be 9.0 and bring some rather significant changes to DCL. Over the last few months I have been looking at "pain points" players experience when using DCL. As in features that just aren't fun. Two of the bigger offenders has already been neutralized - the dreaded "surrender immediately after dropping your weapon" condition in Combat Surrender. And how males sometimes wanted sex when starting a dialogue with them, which was inconvenient even when working as intended, and sometimes even broke quests. But there are more. Another major habit of DCL some people really didn't like was how a cursed trap triggering in the wrong moment stops exploring a dungeon right there. Bound combat made wearing wrist restraints a bit less a showstopper, but in dungeons it usually still means having to leave, get out of the bindings and come back. Which can be frustrating. So there is now a new toggle in MCM called "Merciful Dungeons" that will take away the supply of wrist restraints from cursed traps in dungeons. Other devices can and will still get equipped, so it's not that traps lost their bite! Another pain point was working in prison. While the prison feature in DCL was widely received very well by players, the circumstance that every day in prison feels like Groundhog Day, was not. Which is why now the tasks get randomized. Every day past the first, a random subset of tasks will be given to the player in random order. No day should feel the same anymore, and longer sentences should be less tedious, for fewer tasks will have to be completed on average. Oh, and additional, new tasks have been added to the pool, just to make this even more interesting! You might wonder why Day 1 is still unchanged? That's to give the player a chance to complete necessary steps to prepare her escape. With a fully randomized system, there is a certain possibility that escape won't be possible until much later in a sentence and I wanted to keep it a viable way of playing the prison. Other than eliminating unfun features, there is more, though! DCL 9 will bring back furniture bondage! The new DD furniture component Devious Devices - Contraptions is now a hard requirement of DCL. Furniture devices have been restored to every DCL quest that previously had them while ZAP was still a requirement of DCL and DD. The prison got shipped new furniture devices, too. What's a prison without pillories anyway? And the maybe biggest change of them all I saved for last: As you all know, DCL has been adding bondage quest content for a while now. I want DCL to be more than "that mod that randomly ties you up when opening a container". I want it to be the mod that makes Skyrim kinky. All aspects of it. And that also means that you should be able to play kink content for many hours without even touching Skyrim's vanilla content. Several pieces of this are already in the mod. But 9.0 will bring them together for the first time, while adding more. Following the start-up quests "Delivery Refused" and "Chloe" (which already were linked), three more quests have already been strung together to form a new quest arc I call "Bound in Skyrim". Some of them are completely new, and some have been modified to fit into an quest arc. These five quests should already mean a significant number of hours you can play Skyrim the kinky way. And in the future there will be more! Jun 22, 2020 at 2:25 AM DCL Development - Update Today I am back with news about yet another new feature that's going to make it into DCL 9. Has it also bothered you how a seemingly significant part of Skyrim's good citizen seems to be kinky and yet there is no hangout for them where they can meet likeminded people and have some fun! Now there is! The Dollmaker's sister has just opened a new establishment in Riverwood called The Whip and Chain Inn! A place where whips and chains aren't considered out of place, but part of the experience! This inn is unlike any other in Skyrim, and other than ale and food offers other services for the kinky adventurer! For starters, there are several merchants licensed to do business in the Whip and Chain. If you are looking for some new toys, chances are that you're going to find what you're looking for there! You're more into games? You came to the right place! The inn features a parkour where you can play with a dozen different furniture devices. Want to try escaping one? The game master will be happy to lock you in! Don't worry, if you can't escape on your own, she will eventually release you. The best thing is that you will get rewarded for participating! Even if you don't actually escape. Prefer wearable restraints? There is an escape game for these, too! Try and escape that straitjacket dress and get rewarded! And if you are brave, you can allow staff to tie you up in random devices even they don't have a key for. If this all sounds too adventurous for you, why not relax in the playroom, where helpful attendants will cater to every need you might have, including a good spanking or playing when restrained. Both male and female entertainers are available, and if you think one playmate isn't enough, you can also play with more than one! If you have misplaced the key for your bindings and need some help, a skilled locksmith is on site and will be able to assist you. She can remove most generic devices you accidentally might have get stuck in. Her services are not cheap, though. Rumor has it that the proprietor of the establishment even has a secret stash of generic restraints keys she might be willing to sell you for traveling purposes. You never know when you might need one! Her prices are probably outrageous, but hey, at least she admits to it! State of development of this feature is feature-complete. Which means it's done and just needs fine-tweaking and testing. Stay safe and I will talk to you soon with another update! Jul 15, 2020 at 8:19 AM DCL Development update - July Last time I introduced what's possibly the biggest feature in upcoming DCL 9: The Whip and Chain Inn. In the meantime, I have added even more features to this kinky inn. First, another merchant has been added who will sell you...errr...home decoration items, namely furniture devices with extra features, such as locks and chains! You can purchase every single furniture device in DDC to tailor your player home more to your liking. How about a bondage chair for Lydia? Or a pillory for the front yard to discourage these Imperial tax collectors? Another big addition to the Whip and Chain is the game room. Because what would a kink inn be without some games? A newly hired entertainer offers games for your amusement, and staff has gone to great lengths to bring in some talent to play. A group of some of the best escape artists of Skyrim has been hired to show off their skill at escaping the tightest of bondage. The three girls compete for the title of Struggle Queen - and you get to bet on the winner! Place a bet and watch these girls struggle! If your pick wins, you will receive a reward. If she does not, the entertainer will put a restraint on YOU instead. What would a bondage game be without some chance to get tied up, anyway? Feel like being part of a game yourself? Why not play a round of Bondage High-Low against the beautiful game master? Roll the dice and win to tie her up, device by device. Or lose and have the same done to you! If you manage to fully tie your opponent you win a big prize. If you lose, there is a good chance that you get to keep the devices for your collection, so you still win! In a way. Nobody was talking about a key, right? If you managed to get hopelessly tied during your visit to the inn (or came in tied up already), you can also give the Escape Room a try! Search for the keys to your restraints in room full of surprises that might add to the fun if you look in the wrong places! Other than the inn, I am still looking for more pain points to tackle and get rid of. I want DCL to be fun, and not annoying! And one of the things I know wasn't popular with players was the circumstance that I placed a main quest hub for DCL in a remote northern town with no carriage service, but many of the very quests you picked up there disallowed fast travel. Rejoice! On a constant quest to improve customer satisfaction, the Dollmaker has hired a carriage driver to operate out of Dawnstar. He will take her valued customers to all major Skyrim cities after their shopping stop. For free, because the Dollmaker wants her customers to be happy! If you can think of any other really painful features you'd love to see changed or gone - by all means, mention them and I will see what I can do! Aug 16, 2020 at 10:15 PM DCL 9 and Furniture Devices Today I want to talk a bit about furniture devices, and how they will become a part of DCL in 9.0. Furniture devices offer many new and exciting opportunities for bondage fun, and you can count on DCL making good use of all the new features DD Contraptions offers. In the past, furniture devices have been used mostly for decoration or in scenes. DDC's framework comes with a full featured escape system, timed devices, dynamically spawned devices and DCL is going to make use of all of that. On top of the decoration! In the past, DCL made only casual use of furniture devices (such as for locking up Chloe at the start of her quest, or for a bit of eye-candy in the Delivery Refused LAL quest), and even those were removed when the DD framework split away from ZAP. Well, they will obviously be back! And this is only the beginning! The owner of the Whip and Chain Inn seems to be a true furniture lover. Her establishment features a good dozen devices, and while some of them are occupied by...errrm...models, the rest of them you can play with! I briefly mentioned a little escape game run by a WnC employee who will let you try to escape a variety of devices for fun and profit. In the Escape Room, you will also find a few devices. No, they are NOT just for decoration. You will find out! But if you thought that the game was just about clicking containers until you found all the required keys, you forgot that DCL started as that mod that trapped containers! *cough* Talking about traps: DCL wouldn't be DCL without these. And since DDC can spawn furniture devices dynamically...well...you probably guessed the newest peril of Skyrim: Furniture traps! A new kind of devious magic can spawn them wherever, so you have to be even more careful when looting these boxes. Otherwise you might spend some time trying to struggle out of these nasty devices you suddenly got stuck in! And last, but not least: Criminally inclined adventuresses, beware! City guards in all major Skyrim cities have ordered furniture devices to be built where criminal girls can be put on display to publicly humiliate them. Or punish them in more direct ways. Because random passersby might decide to take advantage of your locked-up situation and have some additional fun with you. No, don't count on the city guard to help you. On the plus side, these devices are a bit less inescapable than the city guard would have preferred. They also saved money on the locks and fitted all the devices with standard locks! Perhaps you managed to hide a key on you somewhere? If yes, you can always try to shorten your sentence a bit but trying to unlock yourself or struggling out of your confinement. At least if you can reach the lock. If not, you can always endure your punishment until you get released. Oh, in case I didn't mention, but the furniture punishment feature is very easily extensible, to the degree that 3rd party mods could easily place more DDC furniture in the world and register the device to the feature to make it use them. Personally I think bondage furniture is one of the most exciting things added to DCL in a while. The new features should add a lot more fun to your bound life in Skyrim. And yes, I will probably find more use for these devices in the future!
  4. Все нормально заработало после того как в меню настроил так [Скрытое содержимое] В обще с настройками там поигрался и все стало нормально где запретить где Mnc ставить
  5. Похоже у меня конфликт с каким то модом так-как на одном и том же сейве с одинаковыми условиями то работает то нет. Спасибо за советы.
  6. Попробовал установить этот мод самую новую версию а также Animated Beast's Cocks, делал все по инструкции с ловерс лаба но при сцене секса столкнулся с невидимыми членами или невидимыми существами при сцене. Пробовал поиграться с порядком загрузки(mod organizer) mnc xpmse abc и mnc abc xpmse не помогло. Кто нибудь может предложить в чем проблема?
  7. С одной стороны там мод обновился [Скрытое содержимое] С другой стороны там патч ноут настолько "длинный" что я не знаю нужна ли эта версия кому-то Version 8.5 - Added: Many, many rope devices from DD have been added to DCL's drop list, so they can be used for traps.
  8. Вот он если кому то еще нужен [Скрытое содержимое]
  9. While hauling ore in the mine at the start of a work day attempt to take some nails from the tool box near the Shift Leader. When cleaning the prison attempt to pickpocket a key from one of the guards. Use the key to unlock the door that leads to the guard quarters. Take the Utility Knife from the shelves/cabinet. The Utility Knife may also be acquired through a random event but the chances seem low. Still cleaning the prison enter your cell and look for a pile of loose bricks between the entrance and the shelves. Activating the bricks will lodge the Utility Knife in the pile for use later. While continuing to clean you may have noticed a cell that isn't being used and contains a trap door, remember this location. While looking for prison-made objects in the basement attempt to steal a Crowbar from the Tool Barrel nestled in the corner near the anvils where other prisoners are working. Still in the basement look for an anvil near the chest where you drop off prison-made objects. Use the nails from earlier and craft a Self-made Lockpick. During dinner time when your hands are free there are two other prisoners in the kitchen area where you use the Cooking Pot. One of these prisoners may give you a rope you'll need later. The chance to get caught here seem high from some of my observations. When you're locked up for the night try to use the Utility Knife that's lodged in the bricks to cut the dress open. You can fail at cutting the dress or fail at removing the strait-jacket after cutting it. If successful with removing the strait-jacket head to the cell door and pick the lock with Self-made Lockpick. The Gag and Slave Boots should also be removed after unlocking the door. Head to the vacant cell and unlock the door. Move inside and towards the trap door and activate it. If you have the Crowbar and Rope you'll open the trap door and descend in to the escape tunnel. Move through the tunnel until you get to the area where you can retrieve your belongings from the chest on the other side of the bars. Head further in to the tunnel until you reach a ladder, activate it. Freedom! Взято отсюда [Скрытое содержимое]
  10. Этому моду нужен Sexlab Approach Redux или Sexlab Adventures без одного из них или обоих действительно бедновато
  11. Могу скинуть этот Babo Dialogue но там не все диалоги переведены с корейского на английский
  12. Русская версия в стиме вышла
  13. Succubus Heart [Скрытое содержимое] случаем никто не переводил?
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