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  1. С одной стороны там мод обновился [Скрытое содержимое] С другой стороны там патч ноут настолько "длинный" что я не знаю нужна ли эта версия кому-то Version 8.5 - Added: Many, many rope devices from DD have been added to DCL's drop list, so they can be used for traps.
  2. Вот он если кому то еще нужен [Скрытое содержимое]
  3. While hauling ore in the mine at the start of a work day attempt to take some nails from the tool box near the Shift Leader. When cleaning the prison attempt to pickpocket a key from one of the guards. Use the key to unlock the door that leads to the guard quarters. Take the Utility Knife from the shelves/cabinet. The Utility Knife may also be acquired through a random event but the chances seem low. Still cleaning the prison enter your cell and look for a pile of loose bricks between the entrance and the shelves. Activating the bricks will lodge the Utility Knife in the pile for use later. While continuing to clean you may have noticed a cell that isn't being used and contains a trap door, remember this location. While looking for prison-made objects in the basement attempt to steal a Crowbar from the Tool Barrel nestled in the corner near the anvils where other prisoners are working. Still in the basement look for an anvil near the chest where you drop off prison-made objects. Use the nails from earlier and craft a Self-made Lockpick. During dinner time when your hands are free there are two other prisoners in the kitchen area where you use the Cooking Pot. One of these prisoners may give you a rope you'll need later. The chance to get caught here seem high from some of my observations. When you're locked up for the night try to use the Utility Knife that's lodged in the bricks to cut the dress open. You can fail at cutting the dress or fail at removing the strait-jacket after cutting it. If successful with removing the strait-jacket head to the cell door and pick the lock with Self-made Lockpick. The Gag and Slave Boots should also be removed after unlocking the door. Head to the vacant cell and unlock the door. Move inside and towards the trap door and activate it. If you have the Crowbar and Rope you'll open the trap door and descend in to the escape tunnel. Move through the tunnel until you get to the area where you can retrieve your belongings from the chest on the other side of the bars. Head further in to the tunnel until you reach a ladder, activate it. Freedom! Взято отсюда [Скрытое содержимое]
  4. Этому моду нужен Sexlab Approach Redux или Sexlab Adventures без одного из них или обоих действительно бедновато
  5. Могу скинуть этот Babo Dialogue но там не все диалоги переведены с корейского на английский
  6. Русская версия в стиме вышла
  7. Succubus Heart [Скрытое содержимое] случаем никто не переводил?
  8. @Майк, да у меня тоже возникло подобное ощущение, хотя я проверял на cbbe и unp у меня сложилось ощущение что все лучше подогнано именно под unp, так что приходится мирится с перчатками
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