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  1. Witcher's Girls Nude My new favorite RPG was brimming with sex and nudity from the beginning and now with this mod is even more ... nakeder. I had already purchased the import version, and enjoyed one naked green Dryad, if only to stick it to the man who pressured the developer and/or publisher to censor the US version. Now the non green females that Geralt encounters join the nudist movement as well, thanks to FellDude's modding abilities. Here's how it works. If you want Triss, Shani, and Adda naked all the time then use the meshes (mdb) and the textures (dds. If you want them nude when it makes more sense, i.e. sex scenes, then use the textures only. In my experience, it is required to start a new game for them to be naked all the time. Leave a comment and let me know if it's the same for you. More specific: Do not extract the mdb (mesh) files unless you want Triss, Shani and Adda to be nude all the time. The files must be in Program FilesThe WitcherDataxxxx where xxxx is either _meshes00 for the mdb's or _textures00 for the dds. The path and folders are already in the zip file. [Скрытое содержимое] [Скрытое содержимое] [Скрытое содержимое] Блог автора
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