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  1. Thanks, it is working now as well as the sound !! The only problem is English translation . I will have a hard time to understand what is going on in the game in order complete any quest . Please give me some tips ?? What are the goals for this game eg learn magic , beat monsters etc ? Please explain those bars in the game screen. The GREEN bar at the bottom right corner, The RED bar in the middle and the HALF CIRCLE bar at the top left corner . Thanks
  2. Hi. the sound is working now after installing directx 9c but when I start a new game , the character posture frozen. There is no hands/legs movement , only the whole body move , strange.
  3. It is fine. I will try to install directx 9c on my slower machine as a test . If it works, then perfect. If it doesn't work ,then I have to leave it as it is . thanks
  4. ah, newer version of directx should be compatible with directx 9c. so I don't need to install the older version well , it would be nice if I can hear some sound in the game !! beautiful graphic , no sound !! please assist. got to go !
  5. I have version 12 , not version 9c installed . Do I need to install 9c as well ? Will it overwrite the newer version ? I tried to install it on my 2nd pc, same thing happened . I have version 11 on that pc.
  6. Hi, Would this version of directX cause this problem? The game requires directx 9c. If I have a newer version like 11 or 12, do I need to install version 9?
  7. Nope, I rebooted my pc but still no sound in the game. Game sound settings set to max but nothing. A question : In MO, there are 161 mods on the left screen & 214 on the right side . Some of them have locks next to them . Does it sound ok ?
  8. Hi, I replaced those bsa files with the reborn 7z files and deleted that bashed 0.esp file but there is still no sound. Does it apply to 'saved' game or new game ?
  9. Hi, Is it the files in the mods folder (reborn 7z file) I need to copy to the data folder and overwrite or everything including the files in the modorganiser folder and overwrite the same files ? I remember that in Modorganiser screen , those files such as Dragonborn.bsa, Downguard.bsa, Hearthfires.bsa and all 3 unofficial skyrim legendary edition patches are ' unmanaged' in MO, do I ignore them ? Those 3 skyrim bsa files seem to be have different sizes. So I copy them to the data folders and replace them ? Is it correct ? I am not sure about this file 'bashed patch 0.esp. You mean delete it ?
  10. Hi, If there is no sound in the game SKYRIM 0.6.2 , how I can fix it . Is there an English patch I can install for this game ?
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