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  1. Yes, you would replace the .esp. Just be aware, this .esp is 1.51 version and in Russian.
  2. Very nice! I'm going to incorporate this into the English version of 1.5. The sound system in that is buggy.
  3. I put the 1.5 English conversion link in this thread: [Скрытое содержимое]
  4. Absolutely on both. But I want to fight it out on Tes Nexus first, as the "original authors" of F&L were really the Japanese modding community who remained pretty much anonymous. Yes, this community here expanded off of it, among others, but they weren't the "original authors".The Japanese modders have all kinds of other depravity on the Nexus with tentacle sex, rape, and bestiality themselves, so I want to fight the admins on the site based off of this, plus that F&L isn't the original program/mod that they can make a claim against.
  5. Sorry, English speaker here. While I understand the debate, I cannot write Russian. The problem with F&L, and Goranga's modifications, isn't so much what's legal and illegal at this point, and posting on TesNexus. Its Montana and Dezi.They have made it this way. RSV2 is aware of that and their disputes with him. No matter what he does to try to "correct things", they will always have a dispute of this mod.For my own purposes, I have already altered the scripts of F&L to have no bestiality or rape. I've also added guard bribes from Goranga's scripts, and a prostitution system based on an old mod of mine and some of it on Goranga's (its not as limiting as his). I've changed the Strap on to my liking, and have changed the "slofstroke", to RSV2's "stroke" animation. All of this is based off the 1.5 version. I even converted it to english.I will not release this on TesNexus, however. Even though the "disputed" problems have been solved by this mod, I fear I will be banned as well simply because Montana and Dezi find some other "problem" that I'm not aware of.So I understand what you are saying, Wepwawt, but I think any variation of this mod will have to be released somewhere else other than Nexus because Montana/Dezi are dug in too deep with the admins of that site.The site "Wolflore" may be the place to go to release something like this for English speakers, and of course, Gamesource as well.
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