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  1. For some reason Oblivion still crashes for me as soon as the quest message pops up with wolfy touching my char >.>
  2. [Скрытое содержимое] I simply just posted it... but i belive its ok... we all want to see the horses to have a dick How to use this: Extract into the files into the data folder... Go into the Oblivion CS... Then open up the Oblivion file... if you got slofs horses, open that file up, too. Dont forget to make it the active file, then =) Then open up one of the horses, open up the Model List and check the horsepenis.nif. Save. That should be all you have to do to get the penis in game... It would be cool, if you could make a script that toggles the model on and off... i was working on it, but i dont have any time between school and moving... so i can't concentrate on that =( PS: this should also work for the Rideable Cats/Dogs =) I'll ask if my friend will make some dicks for them, too >.>'
  3. [Скрытое содержимое] =) I guess it really is better to edit bones in NifScope - since its pretty fragile. It's not that hard, either - you just need to know what your doing If you want to, i will upload the mesh... just need to get a OK from my friend who made the base mesh (i basically only made the texture / rigging / resizing... he doesn't use blender/3ds max etc, so i had to import it from a obj file...)
  4. Oh, the animation works just fine actually =)You just need to add more then two keyframes, i guess.. also add a animation priority =)
  5. I dont use 3ds max, sorry =)For the meshes i use Blender and for the skeletons i use nifscope, only... and the penis is fully weighted =)
  6. You know... i actually think you should use Bip02 to make the animations, it will make the whole animation look more "in place" and also will give you the chance to do new "riding" animations =) I'm working on the horse right now, it got a fully weighted Penis, so i can animate it.... Probably i will only throw in some special idle animations with the horse... But maybe i will make some "reverse saddle riding replacers" I might release it ... soon =) Edit: [Скрытое содержимое] - skeleton only for now... =)
  7. I uploaded this here at TES Nexus - basically a Modification of the HGEC Set (AA - E + all lowerbodies) which allows you to give the NPCs different Bodieshapes without using any items as replacers. However: there is a second version, which will give you a extra body for children. Here's the link for that Version =) You will have to add the skeletons to the NPCs manually (i don't know your preferences & would make your game a little confused with languages,...) so you need some knowledge for the TES CS =) Have fun!
  8. There is a Mod to nudify some monsters: [Скрытое содержимое] Spriggan, Imp and Minotaur - Male and Female
  9. If you are in 1st person view, the animations might not work correctly - i don't know if there is a toggle for that, tought, but i think you can force-switch the view to a third person camera.Also, you should check the size of the player character and fit it to the creature, because else the animation will clip.- Sorry, but the only two languages i speak are German and English, but i hope i might be able to help you translate this, if you need that help =)--> I dont want to use the Google translator, because it probably would mess up the spelling (and i wouldn't even know) - but its ok to use it to translate text for yourself.
  10. I really like this Mod, but somehow i cant get the animations to work like they should every time.Sometimes the creatures hump thin air, and the player character is half invisible...Maybe add a spell to make the creatures attack (fuck) a target NPC?
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