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  1. I just tried, and the normal model was successfully presented according to the method you taught. However, six MODs need to be read at the same time, otherwise the shoe model will not be read. In addition, can you explain how you replaced the original women's clothing as a part of these models in the adult version of "Prophesy of Pendor"? I tried it myself, and it will appear that the original women's clothing reads two sets of models at the same time, thus forming a funny situation that the breasts and nipples are exposed while wearing a relatively complete skirt.
  2. There is a problem at present. After I installed this set of MODs, the first and the "Alisa_Dress" from the 12th to the 21st cannot be found. The copy I chose to install is in "Prophesy of Pendor 3.94". I hope you can find out how to solve this problem. (Sorry, I don't know Russian, so I can only ask in English, fearing that the translator will make a wrong translation.)
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