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  1. That's exactly what I'm trying to do.There will be many features from dating, prostitution to other relationships that you can make with NPCs.I don't know about jobs, hunger, thirst, sleeping immersion (i thought about putting all of those). I will see how much time it takes to develop them.The sex system is only plug in into other systems (but important one I think). It's only 5% of the whole work that needs to be done.
  2. I will not make Goranga dating system III will make completely new mod called Goranga real life system. There will be those things that Wepwawt and I talked about (kids, pregnancy and other). Also, there will be many other features.In that mod I will use completely new sex system. Up to this time, the sex system is 70% developed. It has some features never seen in any other mod. The rest of the mod will be developed slowly over time (the file is really big).Thanks for your input guys
  3. Thanks.The author probably used coordinates for home and some other places that you can mark. It can be set some AI package where you use radius for wandering around and doing other things and later returning to "marked place". I will definitely experiment with this!!!About this school thing, the location of the school suppose to be set beforehand (with xmarker). That means you need to do it manualy, which can be done only in vanilla oblivion (it's way too much work to make it compatible with every mod and expansion out there). But alternative to this is, as you said, to put some marker (coordinates) via dialog. The example of this is when you take your kid to church and use dialog to explane to him "This is the church. You can come here to pray". After that the kid will find church, use some AI and return home without problems. You only need to set to points "This is your home" and "This is a church". You gave me the idea!!! Will definitely work on this. Thanks again
  4. Some problems are in generality of the mod. I would script it so you can send children to a school to learn stuff, but you need to put marker for the school and also put some "make home position" with coordinates where they suppose to return. That will not work well in modders made mods and expansions (since you need to put marker there).
  5. You can also give them pocket money to something with.... I will try if any gather ingredients AI package works. Also, it's not bad if you could send your kids to "steal" when you break into some house (if you are into thief business).
  6. Thanks a lot. Those are some cool suggestions. I would also want to make them "usefull" somehow. For example, if you go somewhere, you can tell them to collect ingredients etc.
  7. I will soon make some updates of Goranga dating system. It will contain features like pregnancy, having kids and kids growing up. I will add some other features as well, like prostitution. If it all goes as planed, dialogs will be fully voiced (in English). Also, I will make it so you can date any npc anywhere (including modder's made places, expansions etc). BTW Does anybody have an idea of some ways of interacting with kids to void them being purely "cosmetic" addition. I can alway give them some basic AI like sit, eat, follow etc. Also, the problem is that kids are not linked to any specific place, so you can't give them some general AI.
  8. Thanks to Aelita and other people on Anvilbay.ru, Goranga restaurant job is translated on Russianhttp://anvilbay.ru/files/goranga-restaurant-job/
  9. HiThis is Goranga.I released my new mod. It's non-adult mod and it's about economy. With this mod you can be waiter/waitress in restaurant. Испытываете финансовые трудности? Некуда девать свободное время? А, может, просто устали от скитаний по Сиродилу? Тогда самое время устроиться на работу! В «Купеческом трактире» появилась вакансия официанта. Что от вас потребуется? Улыбаться, быть аккуратным, расторопным и вежливым. Ваши будущие обязанности – реклама заведения и обслуживание посетителей ресторана. Зарплата достойная. Заинтересовало? Тогда поговорите с Велусом Хосидиусом из «Купеческого трактира» о работе. Он будет ждать вас с 8 утра до 8 вечера. Ccылка [Скрытое содержимое]
  10. The new version is V1-01 and it fixes traspassing issue. If someone wish, he can translate GDS to Russian, but the file can be uploaded to Gamesource only.
  11. I have the new version of GDS and I will give it to admins here to be uploaded to gamesource.
  12. They removed my file?!?!?!? I used only male-female sex part of F&L in my mod. They have nothing to object to. I will talk to some administrators there. I don't know what is wrong with those people....
  13. Thx. I will try. It will take only one scripting line to incorporate this. When I test it out, I will let you know if it works
  14. You find weird seducing males and don't feel weird about female seducing female XD. Just kidding. I'm only for male - female relationships
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