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  1. I got problem when starting the game. It say commonRes/costumes_a.brf unable to open the file. I've try redownload and reinstall it. Any tips?
  2. @ingvarr idk why it always force stopping. I copy pasted them correctly. 3 files mission_templates. Scripts. Trigger. At program files (x86) - M&B warband (my version V1.174) - modules - SOTT. Maybe i gonna try to redownload the sott mod and the anticheat+off
  3. @ingvarr i download it and then i start new game but it always force stoping the game just like we do cheat. I try it again still happen the same. Should i reinstall the SOTT?
  4. Which version contain your minimod alisa body? Just 4.0 or any else?
  5. does this will work on perisno v1.01?? Ru: будет ли это работать на версии v1. 01??
  6. any english version? the languages seems like spain
  7. @ Alisacat007 hello. i have another question. it was about Controversy. idk why it always raising even i was not in faction or become a marshall. it is never decrease below 90. i was playing like an adventure compliting quest. finding ruins. fighting with outlaws. it's been day 500+ from begining till now the controversy never decrease below 90. first start it was 0 but about a week. it become 90+. is there any way to fix this? from the files.?
  8. @Alisacat007 ahh naruhudo ( i see) then some of them i need to remove from the party. btw any tips for the companion match? for not making like this happen againt
  9. why on the mid like at day 150++ I'm always losing morale and money every single day? and also the supply? it wrote 24/21 i try to rest at castle and it become normal at suply 21/21 but even i rest the morale and money still losing also huge amount of money. any suggest? this mod was fun btw. not about the 18+ but the gameplay for the campaign map. for the quest etc
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